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Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 5, 2014

A person washes her hands under a tap using a bar of soap.

Interesting fact : 
Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis discovered the importance of hand washing in stopping infection in 1847. He realised doctors were transferring infections to new mothers because they didn't wash their hands. After he introduced hand washing rules, deaths were significantly reduced.

When you wash your hands of something, you choose not to take responsibility for it any more.
The studio executives turned the movie from a drama into a comedy. The director got angry and washed his hands of the whole project.
Mr Brooks was tired of helping lazy students every day. He decided to wash his hands of them and only concentrate on the pupils who worked hard.

Take note :
If you say something will not wash with somebody it means that it won't be accepted or believed by that person. The phrase is used informally.
Susan said she was late because she had to go to a funeral, but that excuse won't wash with her teacher any more. He now knows there was no funeral.

With bare hand.

Some people are not squeamish. This visitor to the Getty Center in Los Angeles holds a pet lizard on his hand.

Interesting fact :
Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that emerged from water millions of years ago. Nowadays, they come in different shapes and sizes. Iguanas are a particular family of lizards which have evolved to cope with life in arid climates.

If someone says they've done something with their bare hands, it means that they have done it without using any kind of tool or weapon.
I didn't have a fishing rod, so I caught the fish with my bare hands.
The policeman was shocked when he realised that the murderer had killed the victim with his bare hands.

Take note :
If you say you've managed to do something successfully with one hand tied behind your back or with both hands tied behind your back, you mean that you've done it very easily.
Janette doesn't find the work difficult. She can do most tasks with one hand tied behind her back.

From BBC Learning English .

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