Hoped - for Tet.

Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 2, 2015

Tet  - Lunar New Year is coming in 4 hours in Vietnam. 
Tonight is New Year's Eve

This is also the time for Vietnamese people return to their families during Tet.

Families and friends will come together to have a feast of traditional Vietnamese dishes, and share the happiness and joy of the New Year with the others.
Everyone is going to celebrate At Mui Tet - tonight I celebrate Tet without You

Saigon, which I was born , I have been lived for so long time, is the biggest city in Vietnam.
Everyone who comes  is always impressed by its beauty , and Vietnamese ‘s friendliness. 
I didn’t have Tet 4 years ago, but this year, I feel I have Tet because of you who brings happiness  to me and makes me think about life more meaningfully, and lots of hopes to live.

It is getting colder in the evening that makes me miss You – My love so much especially when I got your Email and your phone.
This morning, you called me to let me know  - You have to go and say happy new year to me.

Now, you have been so far, you have been the place where there is no fireworks , no flowers, no colorful lights . . .  for Tet , just there are bombs  blowing up , bullets flying  and full of smoke in the sky . . . The place where the master of death and life is borderless . . .

It is in Iraq . . .
“ Sitting here – at the Iraqi base, motor rounds are falling   from the back ground
My heart stops beating , fearing of the incoming sound
What is life  like in the war Zone ???
what is life like when death  is so near ?
I have to be calm  ... I have to fight the fear
--- --- ---
I  , LT  rolled around  asking " Sergeant , what 's happening ? "
Hiding the terrifying look, I told him about everything
I can see the frustration and the fearful look   on his face
The booming sound   just took him of place
As the day goes by   the heat stroking bad
Missing home, missing the comfortable face making me feel so sad
I stare at the base praying to all my fellows - soldiers
That they'll come back home safely and the war will be over”
And I’m looking forward to returning Embassy from You – my Dear.

Love is here, yet it’s so far
Feeling lonely fighting my own war
Happiness seems like yesterday
Yet a year seems like so far away

I love you and I love you with all my heart
I promise you we will never be apart again
Testing love is like playing with fire
It will never be my desire again

I want to hold your hand and hold you tight
Kiss you in the morning and kiss you good night
Want to hear your voice and see you smile
But until then  . . .  it gonna be a while . . .

I wish As I woke up, You, the first one I saw every morning,
gave me kisses and said “ morning babe”, as well as said “ night, babe” had kissed me before I slept and the one who was with me going on the way in life . . .
Happy New Year, Dear !
Hope you will back home soon and safely.

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