My Valentine.

Thứ Năm, 12 tháng 2, 2015

Out Of Sight . . .
In Our Mind ! ! !
Out Of Reach . . .
In Our Heart  ! ! !

This  is my sweet Valentine
I have You to love and to think
Even we have been so far   
We are always in love

In heart and in soul
The more time goes
The more we love
I can’t stop loving You

You  . . .  the one I  love


Here’s in this moment of truth
Loving you in a special way
You are the dream of my life
 This feeling’s so much more than  I can say.

Love in my heart is just for you 
I can’t help falling in love with you
If  tomorrow you go away
I ‘ll still  forever love  you

Don’t say good bye,
Don’t make me cry tonight
Hold me tight, love me right
And take me in your sweet arms

Now, wishing ‘s dream lasts a little longer
Dream of hope, dream of love
The dream
That ‘s for you and for me

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