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Masks used in 'mime', a kind of performance art

The masks in the image are used in mime, a kind of theatrical performance which uses no words. Instead, actors use facial expressions and movements of their hands and bodies to tell the story.

Two - faced
If someone is two-faced, it means they say nice things about someone to their face, but say bad things about them behind their back.
 Matt is so two-faced. He told me I'm a great cook; then afterwards he told his other mates that my food is the worst he's ever eaten!
 I really don't believe what Matilda says; I think she's a two-faced liar.

Loses face 
If someone loses face, they lose the respect of others.
Phillip lost face when no one came to his birthday party.

Coffee 'beans' are actually seeds from a coffee bush

Coffee is the world's most popular drug that affects the way the brain works, according to the New Scientist magazine. Researchers say that over 90% of adults in the US drink it every day.

When you ask someone to spill the beans you are asking them to tell you secret information.
 As soon as he was arrested the thief spilled the beans: he told the police about the other members of his gang. The police caught them all.
 You spent a whole hour in the boss's office. Is he going to give a pay rise? Come on, spill the beans!

If someone is described as being full of beans it means they are full of energy.
Johnny was full of beans when he visited his grandfather. The old man did everything to please the boy.

A giant clam on the seabed near Zanzibar

A clam found off the coast of Iceland in 2006 is thought to have been the longest-lived mollusc ever discovered. Scientists, who named it Ming, believe it was over 500 years old when taken from the seabed.

To clam up means to become silent because you are nervous, embarrassed or don't want to talk about something.
 Adam was very naughty and ate all the cookies. When his mother asked where they were he clammed up and couldn't tell her.
 When I was young I used to clam up when a stranger asked me a question.

Another phrase which comes from a shellfish is the world is your oyster. When you say this to someone you mean they have the ability to go and to do whatever they like.
 Now that you have your college degree, the world is your oyster!

( Nguồn : BBC Learning English )

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